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Who is DEKAI?

A brooding force in the bass music scene, DEKAI has already made waves in the more tight knit conscious bass community and is a highly-acclaimed producer/DJ in Salt Lake City, UT. He's known for pushing a broad variety of sounds and genres in an all original, journey style live performance that will take you deep into the depths and back. Harnessing the power of emotion, this upcoming producer aims to tap into your mind and make you "feel".

DEKAI’s masterfully blended ethereal melodies, intricate rhythms, emotional hooks, and journey-style mixes are enough to send anyone into a state of awareness and give a feeling of destined intervention. His live show includes an all original, genre-defying blend of sonic waves, and he’s joined on stage by his brother who is the irrefutable representation of DEKAI’s music in the form of movement & dance.

DEKAI has shared the stage with some of the most popular names in electronic music including The Crystal Method, Black Tiger Sex Machine, CloZee, ill.Gates, Minnesota, LSDREAM, An-ten-nae, Au5, Tripp St., Desert Dwellers, and many more. Notable bookings include Deja Voom, Lucidity Festival, and CloZee’s VOYAGE festival. He’s been on notable sites like Your EDM, The Untz, Conscious Electronic, TIMEWHEEL, SLUG Magazine, and His release “Mantra” saw viral success, and garnered support from thousands including acclaimed visionary channels like DMT: The Spirit Molecule, Psychedelic Awakening, and Evolve and Ascend. With a growing fan base of listeners throughout the country, DEKAI is most certainly slated to become a nationally recognized name in the near future.

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